Dan Dyer is a blue-ribbon disc. At once joyous, creative, and satisfying, Dyer channels 1970s-era Hathaway and Wonder with modern panache and without a hint of mimicry…Dyer has the cool polish of a talent destined to make it.”

- The Austin Chronicle

"The only thing smarter than Smith's wistful lyrics are his sympathetic melodies, which cross a musical spectrum from Loudon Wainwright to Counting Crows — although there's a vulnerable toughness that indicates this guy might kick your ass if he thought you were comparing him to either. It's smart pop, no doubt, but with an immediately recognizable down-home vibe that strikes a free-spirit chord."

- Houston Press

“The man with one of the most distinctive and unique voices in all of Americana music has truly taken his art to the next level with his new release Roses are Black. Austin Collins has proven on this sophomore record that he is one of the most talented songwriters and performers in Texas and Americana music.

The record is, in a word … fantastic.”

-Texas Music Times

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